How to introduce anal sex to the relationship?

If you’re new to anal sex, then chances are, it’s not going to feel good. But then again, you need to remember the first time that you had sex and in spite of what Hollywood and everyone else might portray, the first night of sex to be is not fun and pleasurable. It’s because you are so tight and you’re still not used to it.

Your butt hole pretty much has to go through the same thing. Until you learn how to relax and fully take in the penis without having your muscles constrict, then you’re not going to enjoy anal sex. Yet, a lot of men and women get really turned on and aroused by anal sex.

While anal sex is one of those kinky fantasies that many guys dream of, many women need some convincing before trying anal se. If you want to try anal sex with your partner and don’t know how to initiate it, here are some tips;

Talk About It

In order to get to the point where you can have the kind of sex that you want, you have to start by talking about it with your partner. Outside or inside of the bedroom, you have to discuss anal sex with your partner in an honest and pressure-free way, verbalizing what you want and most importantly, respecting their decision. The more you’re able to talk about what you like, the better.

Prepare For It

There are ways to prepare for anal sex that won’t make it scary or intimidating for women. Things like lubing up, starting with a finger, owning a butt plug and using a sex toy to loosen up and prepare for the actual penis. Researching also helps to calm her down.

Clean Up

A lot of people are really funny about odor as well, so taking a really good shower or bath and using a finger to clean out that area is really helpful for women. It helps them feel more comfortable.

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